Howdy all.

Ok, this page will be the focal point of my upcoming multi system mini campaigns.

The idea is to run a series of short, high impact campaigns across a variety of systems and settings. Everything from sci fi to fantasy, super heroes to horror and a few other oddities thrown in for good measure.

Systems I am currently looking at:

  • Mouseguard – Song of Ice and Fire with mice… Watership Down with swords
  • Monsters and Other Childish Things – Childrens horror playing kids with giant pet monsters
  • Deathwatch – Space Marines
  • Call of Cthulhu – Cosmic horror from Mr Lovecraft
  • Cosmic Patrol – Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and all other cheesy retro sci fi.
  • Judge Dredd – A cross between the comics and the recent movie, so a more gritty take on the comics. The last iron fist in law and order in a city set to self destruct.
  • Deadlands – Horror set in the wild west, think Jango meets Supernatural. Though I will time hop through their various settings, while keeping the same characters. So from the weird west, in to their Noir setting of 1930s America, off in to the post apocolyptic future of Hell on Earth and back again.

Ok, settings I am also considering but have not yet decided on a system for.

  • Super heroes – High energy super hero action, think Avengers X-Men, stuff like that. Possibly using my Hood setting.
  • Star Wars – I know theres a Star Wars game, but feelings toward it seem mixed, so I am also looking at the saga D20 system.

While this seems like a lot of settings and a lot of gaming (nothing wrong with that) votes will be taken on the games to play and when, some may never be touched, fingers crossed, they all will be.

As I said, these will be short campaigns, run in these worlds then moving on to something else. That is not to say these settings will not be revisited if popular. I will keep a full log and all characters will be kept. So any character surviving an adventure will move on to the next when we go back.

Think of these like graphic novels, heres a story, lets run through it, leave it alone until a new story comes up. So the style of adventure will be short campaigns running only a few sessions to make your way through the whole thing. Some of them will be pre-generated modules, others just stories I’d like to tell, stuff I’ll develop with the possibility of publishing.

So thats the tall and skinny of the idea, nothing too serious, nothing too involved, just some light hearted adventuring, dungeon crawling across a number of generes.

Neils Graphic Novel Adventures